Adele's Shagyas

"Hungarian Bravo"
Shagya Foundation Stallion


Hungarian Bravo Left Hungarian Bravo Right

The Story of the Shagya-Arabian Sire Line - Hadban  Published by Verlag Ingrid Zeunert, 2002 Original translation by Antje Baty, edited by Adele Furby

70 Day Stallion Test
 Published in
The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine December 2013 | January 2014 

Shagya Arabians: Thriving in their Homeland  Published in Dressage Today Magazine June 2003

The Shagya - Europe's "New-Old" Breed by Adele Furby

If Shagyas Are Sport Horses, Why Haven't I Heard Of Them Before? by Adele Furby