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*Hadban USA

          Stud Fee - $950 Fee LFG plus $200 Booking Fee.
              Frozen semen only. Booking fee includes first 2 doses of semen.

*Hadban USA

*Hadban USA is an all-bay 15.2 hand stallion who was imported from Austria in utero by Hans Sitter and was acquired by Adele as a coming 3 year old.

The only stallion Shagya-Arabian stallion in America successfully competing in FEI Endurance. Rare Romanian endurance blood!

Hadban's sire, Harapnik is a representative of the Romanian HADBAN sire line which is rather rare outside of Romania.

*Hadban USA
is the only representative of this sire line inAmerica.  (See the HADBAN sire line article under the "articles" button).

This line, which was developed primarily at the Radautz State Stud in Bukovina, Romania, is particularly well respected in Europe for distance competitions.  Developed over several centuries, the Romanian mother lines have proven themselves to provide all of the attributes needed for distance riding competitions, such as tractability, toughness, hardiness, iron-like legs and feet, and the "gritty" quality to keep on traveling.

*Hadban USA has already proven that he embodies these qualities.

An extremely tractable stallion, a true gentleman to be around, he retains excellent libido as well as the ability to compete successfully in endurance racing.  After completing his NASS Performance Test in distance riding, carrying 250 .lbs in two back-to-back 35 mile AERC rides, followed by three 50-mile rides, *Hadban USA has gone on under Jeremy Olson to finish in the Top Ten at 50 miles at the FEI Ft. Howes competition in 2011. *Hadban USA was on lease to Jeremy and his wife Ellyn through 2018, during which time he had several foals and also successfully completed 630 endurance miles, including 5 Top Tens in either 50 or 75 miles.  In 2016 he placed in the Top Ten for the AERC Jim Jones Stallion Award.

In 2018 Adele entered into a co-ownership of
*Hadban USA with Erin Rapp and he is currently on lease to Jamie Hughes in Washington.  Jamie  successfully completed 275 endurance miles with him, including the grueling 100-mile Tevis cup, and this at age 16. *Hadban USA now has over 900 endurance miles on his AERC record, and his oldest foals are now beginning their endurance careers. 

*Hadban USA's dam *Ihrana was imported from Austria.  The daughter of the well-known German-bred Amor son Amos who was a classic Gazal/Shagya cross stallion, her dam line is also classic blood from the Shagya-Arabian birthplace - Babolna Hungary. *Ihrana also carries a touch of Crabbet blood through Nizzam ox.

*Hadban USA's frozen semen is of excellent quality.

                                          *HADBAN USA PEDIGREE

Shagya-Arabians Blue
Purebred Arabians Green

*Hadban USA
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