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Starwalker was sold in 2011 to Rebecca Blair
Starwalker is now deceased


The 16.1 hh grey Starwalker was bred by the Stelli family in Quebec Province, Canada. The Stelli family website is:

tarwalker's sire was the magnificent imported *Amurath Samurai, a German bred and approved stallion of the Gazal sire line, and his dam is the beautiful Danish-bred "Kornelia”.

Starwalker's sire and dam were brought to America when the Stelli family emigrated from their native Switzerland to Canada. He's been at Adele's Shagyas since he was a yearling, and his foals are fantastic! He has excellent quality semen which has shipped extremely well.

Starwalker's dam,
*Kornelia, was bred in Denmark and was imported into Canada along with *Amurath Samurai. Starwalker was purchased from the Stellis as a yearling, and has matured into an impressive 16.1 hand stallion.

Starwalker was approved for Shagya breeding by
NASS in 2000 at age two.

Starwalker's budding endurance career was cut short by a subtle lameness when he went into heavy endurance training. Radiographs revealed that Starwalker had somehow sustained "dramatic, traumatic" damage to both front knees with the vets said must have been caused by a blow to the front legs sometime during his first year, although no such accident was ever observed. Consequently Starwalker was retired from competition.

Starwalker's first foal was born in April, 2003. He has sired a number of foals during the past several years, and has produced bay and dark brown, as well as grey foals.

Starwalker has a strong, high-percentage Shagya pedigree. He throws only one purebred Arabian to his offspring in the 4th generation.

Starwalker's sire *Amurath Samurai was born in Germany and was licensed and 100-day performance tested there. He subsequently was exported to Switzerland, and then later to Canada.

Starwalker's grandsire, Navarra, was one of the most successful Gazal-line stallions in Germany. His sire's dam, Amurath Sadika, was a daughter of the black *Gharib, who was imported into Germany from Egypt and was also approved for Warmblood breeding in Germany.

Amurath Sadika
carries the precious blood of Amurath, and comes from a rare Yugoslavian mother line.

Starwalker's dam is the beautiful *Kornelia. Bred in Denmark by master Shagya breeder Ulla Nyegaard (breeder of Shagal), *Kornelia is a daughter of the Babolna bred Koheilan I DK. His dam, 56 Shagieh, has an especially interesting pedigree. 56 Shagieh is the product of breeding Shagal's grand-dam, 22 Gazal VII, to Shagal's sire, the Babolna-bred Shagya XXXVI son, Shagya I DK.

In type as well as in pedigree, Starwalker is a representative of the Gazal type in the Shagya breed, being an elegant horse with long lines and an elegant neck. He tends to throw lots of size, long legs, elegance, and friendliness. He is a good choice for mares that might be a bit small or not elegant enough. His foals from purebred Arabians really show the influence of their sire.

                                                      STARWALKER PEDIGREE

Shagya-Arabians Blue
Purebred Arabians Green

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