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Onyx AF

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Onyx AF

Onyx AF is a 15.1 hand true black stallion with no white except on his face. 

His sire, Janos, was a very exceptional endurance horse who was sold to Japan and unfortunately passed away in 2010, leaving only 3 approved sons in the US.  (See more about Janos and his ancestors under the "foundation stallions" button).

Onyx's dam is the 16 hand black *Shandor daughter MJL Shaleez.  Onyx is a very strongly built individual, with a 20 cm. cannon bone and especially good legs and feet.

The only approved black Shagya-Arabian in America. His sire was an FEI 100 mile endurance stallion, his dam is dressage bred.

Onyx was identified as a stallion prospect when only a few days old due to his excellent type and overall conformation, but he had the misfortune to suffer a grave injury to his left stifle in 2005 when only a few weeks old.  Surgery following the accident revealed that he had lost over 50% of his cranial cruciate ligament and also damaged his medial meniscus. This type of injury in an adult horse is considered to be fatal, since the stifle joint ligaments are essential for stability of the stifle joint.  At the time of the injury Onyx could not put any weight on his leg, but the attending veterinarians felt that it might be possible for Onyx to survive as a breeding stallion since he was so young. Over the next few years Onyx survived and his very obvious lameness gradually improved. 

Onyx was excused from the free jumping phase of his stallion inspection and also excused from the required NASS Performance Test due to his injury, but he was approved for breeding with uniformly high scores (all 8's), for his type and conformation. 

Over the years Onyx has made remarkable improvements in his ability to use his left hind leg, far exceeding anybody's expectations, to the extent that he has now been under saddle off and on for over a year and exhibits no obvious lameness in normal arena riding, and he easily handles trail work through the rough woods of western Montana!

Onyx is a calm and confident stallion with a good working attitude.

His first two foals arrived in 2011.  His colt foal born here at Adele's Shagyas out of the *Shandor daughter Estelle AF is very large, strong, and correct.  His filly foal born in North Carolina out of a Shagya mare is typey and feminine. 

Onyx has exceptionally good semen with very high concentration and motility, so he is a good choice for a sub-fertile mare.  His frozen semen is also of excellent quality with a high motility post-thaw.  His semen is also approved for international export.

                                                 ONYX AF PEDIGREE


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Purebred Arabians Green

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Ridden by Phalen Vrooman