While my original three stallions, Hungarian Bravo, acquired in 1984, and *Oman and *Shandor both acquired in 1986, provided a good genetic base for Shagya-Arabian breeding in America, by 1999 it was time for some new stallion genetics to be acquired for the use on the daughters of the three foundation stallions. And luckily, I found two appropriate individuals who fit that description from opposite ends of Canada—Starwalker came from Quebec province, and the black Janos came from the northern reaches of British Columbia. In both cases, the yearling stallions were the offspring of horses imported from Germany and Switzerland. For details, click here to see the article from NASS NEWS, “The Story of P.Q. and B.C. (Starwalker and Janos)”.

Janos Pedigree

Shagya-Arabians Blue
Purebred Arabians Green