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Nicolette’s Revelation AF
COMPETED & PASSED the “70 Day North American Stallion Test”
at Silver Creek Farm in 2012

Nicolette’s Revelation AF, at 16.2 hands and with a 20.5 cm cannon, is the largest of the stallions offered by Adele’s Shagyas.  He is by the leading producer of American Shagya-Arabian Performance horses for 10 years running, Shagya Royal AF. His imported dam *Nicolette, was by the 16.1 hand Danish Prix St. George dressage stallion O’Bajan 1-10, and out of the beautiful-moving 16 hand German Balaton daughter, *Niobe, who was out of a Gazal VII daughter bred at Babolna. 

“Revel” is the only Shagya-Arabian stallion in America to successfully complete the German-based 70 day stallion test against the Warmbloods at Silver Creek in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He accomplished this in 2012.

In type “Revel” takes after *Nicolette’s sire O’Bajan I-10 to a remarkable degree, as well as to *Nicolette’s grandsire O’Bajan I DK, a black O’Bajan X son born at Babolna . O’Bajan I DK was exported from Babolna to Denmark late in his life. His son O’Bajan I-10, out of a Shagya XXXII daughter, was born in Denmark and he was later exported first to Germany and then to Switzerland. He had a very successful show career, occasionally besting his two big German “rivals” on their home turf, the Shagya-Arabian “superstars” Amor and Shagya XXXIX-11, at German Shagya-Arabian shows. Trained through the Prix St. George level in dressage, O’Bajan I-10 was an exceptionally fine riding horse, and we are very lucky to have his only American descendent in *Nicolette. Representing the classic Babolna Shagya-Arabian cross of O’Bajan, Gazal and Shagya sire lines, through both his sire Shagya Royal AF and his dam *Nicolette, Revel is a big, strong stallion with a gentle disposition. His dam line pedigree is entirely from the outstanding bloodlines from Babolna, the birthplace of the Shagya-Arabian breed.

Revel was an especially impressive mover, generating amazing suspension and “air time” and at his breeding approval inspection at age 3 he exhibited high jumping ability also. At the 70 day stallion performance test he lived up to his jumping potential, easily clearing the 1 meter 50 oxer. During his time at the 70 day test, Silver Creek Farm’s Manager Summer Stoffel commented that, “he is fearless on cross country”, a quality he amply exhibited during the cross country phase of the test. 

He was always the easiest horse to handle, combining a gentle, almost dog-like affection and trust towards humans with a high sensitivity to the slightest and lightest aids, along with his supreme self-confidence in his ability to handle any obstacles. 

After Nicolette’s Revelation completed the 70 day stallion test he had a few years of “vacation” after moving to Arizona. In early 2018 he was in training as an eventing stallion prospect for a Scottsdale Young Rider, when he unfortunately died of a severe colic. Fortunately, his semen had been collected and frozen prior to his travel to Oklahoma for the 70-day Stallion Performance Test, and Adele has a good supply of frozen semen of excellent quality.

Nicolette’s Revelation AF Pedigree

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