Adele imported *Oman along with *Shandor in 1986. At age 4, he was one year older than *Shandor, and thus old enough to be inspected and approved for breeding prior to his leaving Germany.

Standing 15.3 hands tall at his inspection in Germany, *Oman and *Shandor represented complimentary types.  *Oman was lighter framed and more narrow, whereas *Shandor was more substantial and considerably bigger.

*Oman’s pedigree is full of illustrious horses which were well-known and successful horses in Germany and Hungary.  His sire, the European Champion O’Bajar was a son of the most successful Shagya-Arabian Sport horse in terms of placings of his offspring in competition of all time—a legend known especially for his jumping ability and toughness. O’Bajar’s dam was the Babolna-bred beautiful black daughter of O’Bajan XIII known in Germany as “Babolna”. 

*Oman’s dam Marzalla was a daughter of Mersuch V and her dam was a Babolna-bred daughter of the “Century Stallion” Gazal VII.  It is interesting to note that *Oman’s grand dam on both the sire and dam’s side is the dark bay 198 Kemir II, and in type *Oman takes very much after his double grand-dam.

*Oman had a number of foals during his six years at Adele’s Shagyas, and subsequently was sold to an avid California endurance rider, as Adele felt that, in general, he and his offspring were more suitable for endurance and eventing than for dressage.  He was well-promoted in California, and had a number of foals over the years. He also successfully completed the ISR stallion performance test which helped to give credibility to the Shagya-Arabian as a sport horse breed. He unfortunately died of colic at age 18.

Adele retained one of *Oman’s daughters, named SapphireSapphire was out of a mare who was imported from Germany by Petra Gorski, a German lady who had married an American army officer. She brought her beloved *Szikra with her to America. *Szikra was a daughter of Saphiro, another elite German stallion. Sapphire was *Szikra’s first foal, and she subsequently had two foals by *Shandor and one by Starwalker, which made a great contribution to American Shagya-Arabian breeding.  *Szikra’s daughter Sapphire produced 5 foals for Adele, all of them by *Shandor. Especially of note is the beautiful *Shandor look-alike approved stallion, Sterling Silver AF, as well as Sapphire’s daughter Sheherezade AF, who was dubbed the “Queen of America” by German judge Walter Huber at the conclusion of the largest NASS Inspection ever held in 2006.

*Oman Pedigree

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