Adele’s Shagyas currently stands five Shagya stallions that are approved for Purebred Shagya-Arabian breeding by the North American Shagya Arabian Society (NASS).

All breeding mare and stallions which are approved for Purebred Shagya-Arabian breeding by NASS are also Internationally approved through the world-wide umbrella organization, the ISG.

Booking fee for all stallions: $200, LFG, includes 2 breeding doses of excellent quality frozen semen.

Shagya Royal AF

  • *Shandor x Rachelle by Hungarian Bravo
  • Fee: please inquire

Roy is a grandson of Danish-bred Shagal who is a licensed stallion for Trakehner breeding in Germany. He has been the leading producer of Shagya-Arabians in North America, and winner of the NASS Meritorious Sire for 10 years in a row. Roy has produced several black foals, an inheritance from his black grandmother, a daughter of Shagya XXXIX, Babolna.

He has consistently produced size, correctness, and elastic, elevated gaits, and this horse loves to jump! During his inspection, when put through the 3-element jump shute, he voluntarily spun around and navigated the shute backward, clearing the oxer first. He was always the easiest stallion to handle in breeding situations and has a great work ethic.

“I’m just crazy over this Shagya -Arabian stallion you just don’t find them built like this often. One would never think this guy wasn’t a Trakehner or warmblood. Yet you get all the stamina, type, endurance and hardiness that is the Shagya-Arabian.” – Joe Pimentel, president, Trakehner Association of North America

Nicolette’s Revelation AF

  • Shagya Royal AF x *Nicolette by O’Bajan I-10
  • Fee: $950

Nicolette’s Revelation AF is a substantial 16.2 hand Shagya-Arabian stallion representing the best of European and American Shagya-Arabian bloodlines. His pedigree includes the two Shagya-Arabian stallions Shagal and Balaton, who were both licensed in Germany as improvers by the Trakehner Verband.

“Revel” is the only Shagya-Arabian to have successfully completed the 70-day Stallion Performance Test at Silver Creek. He combines forward, elastic, elevated movements and lots of suspension with excellent jumping ability. An extremely tractable, yet sensitive stallion, he proved himself to be absolutely fearless in the cross-country phase at the stallion test. He has been passing on these qualities to his offspring.

Shagya Raja AF

  • Shagya Benerzo AF x Rachelle by Hungarian Bravo
  • Stud Fee – $750 LFG plus $200 Booking Fee for 2 doses of frozen semen

An elegant stallion with great movement for dressage.

Shagya Raja AF is closely related to Shagya Royal. He is a more refined type and very elegant, good for heavier mares who need refinement and mares who travel on the forehand. He received 8’s for his trot and canter: “Trot with rhythm and elasticity, canter ground covering with swinging back” (NASS Inspection). He brings in the special Koheilan line from Hungary through his paternal grand-dam *Aminah, a Koheilan daughter out of a Siglavy Bagdady VI mare.

Raja has a showy and masculine personality while at the same time he is very light in the hand and very easy to ride with an exceptionally good riding-horse back not often found in Arabian-bred horses.

Onyx AF

  • Janos x MJL Shaleez by *Shandor
  • Fee: $950

Onyx AF is one of only two approved black Shagya-Arabians in America.

Onyx AF is by the black 100-mile FEI endurance horse Janos, whose pedigree reads like a who’s who in German and Hungarian Shagya-Arabian breeding, including 2 lines to the well-known Shagya-Arabian Bajar, progenitor of several Olympic-level Trakehners, and his dam is by *Shandor, a son of Shagal, another Shagya-Arabian approved for Trakehner breeding in Germany.

As you can see from his inspection conformation photo Onyx AF is especially appreciated for his uniformly typey, correct, and substantial conformation, as evidenced by his receiving all “8”s for his type, head, neck, body, and legs at his approval for breeding. He is also appreciated for his very calm and willing disposition and is a good choice for nervous mares and mares who lack bone and substance. His frozen semen is of exceptionally high quality—a veterinarian in South Carolina successfully impregnated a sub-fertile mare with his semen and commented, “His frozen semen is better than most stallions’ live cooled semen!”

His performance test was waived due to an injury he had early in life, but he eventually vetted out sound and is currently ridden in the hunt field in Colorado.

*Hadban USA

  • Harapnik x *Ihrana by Amos
  • Imported from Austria
  • Fee: $950

One of the most successful Shagya-Arabian stallions competing in endurance in America, and the only stallion in America with rare Romanian endurance bloodlines. He has over 1000 AERC miles, with many Top Ten placings.

He also successfully completed the 100-mile Tevis cup ride at the age of 18!

“I think that of all of the horses I have ever ridden in my life, including lots of Arabians, this horse has more GRIT than any horse I ever rode.” – Dick Vrooman, who rode Hadban, carrying 250 pounds, for his stallion performance test in endurance.