*Shandor was imported by Adele from Denmark as a coming three year old in 1986. Standing 16.1 hands tall and wearing a size 3 shoe, he was unusually large for a purebred Shagya-Arabian. *Shandor was a dressage type, possessing elastic flowing movement coming well under from behind, with excellent use of the back. He was very free in the shoulder and developed impressive suspension, all the while maintaining a calm and relaxed attitude. *Shandor also exhibited exceptionally good jumping talent.

*Shandor was bred by master Shagya-Arabian breeder Ulla Nyegaard in Denmark. Ulla and her husband had visited Hungary soon after the end of WW II, and with the assistance of Miklos von Bartha, they selected some of the best Babolna Shagya-Arabian lines and started a significant breeding program in Denmark. Some of the very finest purebred Shagya-Arabians in Western Europe came from Ulla’s program during the ’60’s, 70’s and 80’s. *Shandor’s sire Shagal was bred by Ulla and he became Champion at the European Championships in Switzerland in 1986. He was subsequently approved for Trakehner breeding in Germany and Warmblood breeding in Denmark. He represented the true “Shagya sire line” type, with the big, powerful, elastic, cadenced movements and superior jumping ability for which this sire line is known. His pedigree is full of the “best of the best”.

*Shandor’s dam, the black Sahara, was born in Hungary. Sahara is a daughter of Shagya XXXIX, who is also famous for his Shagya sire line type as well as movement tending towards the baroque. Sahara’s mother line leads directly to Kuhaylan Zaid, d.b.1923, who was one of the last truly Bedouin-bred stallions “whose hooves have trodden the desert sands” to come to Babolna.

*Shandor was only shown once in dressage, as a 14-year-old, after only a few months of training. He averaged over 70% at training and first level in a large competitive show in the Seattle area, the “Champagne Classic”. *Shandor was retired from showing soon thereafter, after surviving a difficult colic surgery which left him with an abdominal hernia (which can be seen in the photos of him as an older horse). He remained very active in breeding and was healthy, sound, and still being ridden at age 25 when he was felled by a stroke.

*Shandor leaves behind 30 Purebred Shagya-Arabian filly foals, 30 Purebred Shagya-Arabian colt foals, and numerous outstanding WB cross foals. He was especially prepotent for producing size, brilliant elastic powerful movement, jumping ability, and a great tractibility and work ethic. When Walter Huber, our invited German judge rode *Shandor when *Shandor was 23, he commented, “You only think, and he does!”

*Shandor Pedigree

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*SHANDOR at the “Champagne Classic” May 1997 Narrated 

*SHANDOR – “Champagne Classic” May 1997 – First Level Test 1 – 70%